Our Philosophy...

As a food loving Dietitian, Basic Balance is inspired to promote the phrase "All Foods Fit", with an overall goal to teach you how to eat with a deep sense of peace and enjoyment by choosing nutrient rich foods that suit YOUR individual needs. Together, we plan to help you explore a more gentle approach in taking care of your unique body and enjoying each delicious bite you take, while not breaking the bank. Choosing healthy foods is easy, fun and will make you feel good. 



Meet Chelsea...

Chelsea Oarr is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who received her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics through UCONN’s Coordinated Dietetics Program. After completing her course work, she immediately started treating clients with NYU Langone. With her strong background in medical nutrition therapy and nutrition counseling she successfully helps her patients prevent and delay the progression of numerous chronic diseases & illnesses.

Chelsea has also practiced with Greenwich Crew for seven years, and competed in The USRowing National Championships several times. As a former athlete, Chelsea has a strong understanding and respect for the connection between nutrition and performance. She understands how healthy eating habits can significantly impact an individual’s mental and physical health. Most importantly she believes that with the right knowledge and tools, eating healthy is achievable and can be relatively easy for everyone.


Weight Management, Pre-Diabetes/Diabetes, Eating Disorders, GI issues (Gut Health & FODMAPS, SIBO, IBS, IBD, Celiac), Food Intolerance/Allergies/Elimination Diets, Chronic Illness Treatment/Prevention, Cardiovascular Disease and Heart Health, Dysphagia.

Counseling Philosophy:

Using evidenced based research, Chelsea’s goal is to offer practical nutritional guidance along with meal planning, & simple and healthy recipes. She strives to help her clients find a plan that will work for their unique and individual lifestyles. No client is the same and that is why she specializes in creating individualized plans that work best for you.


Aside from all things food related, Chelsea loves to travel, learn about different cultures, and stay active! Her most recent trip abroad was to Australia where she surfed at Bondi Beach, explored the Blue Mountains, explored the Great Barrier Reef, and tasted vegemite for the first time.